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14 Dashboard Lights You Should Know About

Dashboard Lights
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14 Dashboard Lights You Should Know About   It has happened to all of us: you’re diving peacefully on the freeway while enjoying the views and suddenly you hear a beep – as you look down on the dashboard, you notice a symbol is lit up. There are many important symbols on the dashboard that you should know about and take care of immediately. When buying a used car in El Paso, TX, you should check that every dashboard symbol is in perfect working condition. Below is a rundown of 14 dashboard light that you should know about. 1.Oil pressure light This old oil lamplike image indicates that there is something wrong with your car’s oil pressure system. There could be two things – either your oil pump isn’t circulating enough fluid to lubricate the surfaces inside your car’s engine properly, or you’re running low on oil. This light shouldn’t be ignored as it could directly impact your engine. 2.Engine Temperature Warning This light means that your engine temperature is too hot – it most likely has to do with your coolant but could also happen due to other reason – again, a warning light you shouldn’t ignore. 3.Tire Pressure Warning Also known as TPMS symbol, this warning light indicates that the pressure in one or more of your tires is either too low or too high and needs to be addressed. Driving on uneven tire pressure is unsafe and can cause damage to your vehicle. 4.Anti-Lock Brake Warning Light       If the “ABS” warning lights up while you’re on the road, it means that there is an issue with the system. As you know, the anti-lock brakes are there to keep your car in perfect contact with the road safely while you’re braking, so you should get this issue checked.   5.Engine Warning The ‘check engine’ light might appear for a number of reasons. Sometimes, it can indicate a serious issue, and you may need to pull over immediately. It could indicate that your engine is overheating or there is low oil pressure, or it would mean that your fuel cap is open or not tightly sealed, which is causing fuel to evaporate. 6.Traction Control Light This indicates that the vehicle’s traction control system is turned on. The traction control system uses your anti-lock brake system to determine if one wheel of your vehicle is spinning faster than the another. If it senses that a wheel is slipping, it gently applies the brakes until the wheel regains traction. This is helpful if you’re driving in snow or rain. 7.Battery Alert This warning light indicates that there is an issue with your vehicle’s charging system. Mostly the battery itself isn’t the culprit when this light is lit; there could be many reasons. It could mean that you have faulty battery cables, it could also mean that alternator belt is broken, which might cause your headlights to dim and your clock to fade. You need to get this issue checked; otherwise your car won’t even start next time. 8.Low Fuel Indicator This one is easy as most drivers are familiar with it. When you see that light lit up, it means that you’re running low on gas. Stop at the nearest fueling station and fill up your fuel tank. 9.Seat Belt Reminder This is also a common one. When you see this sign lit up, it means that your seat belt isn’t on. According to a study, seat belts reduce crash injuries by 50%. 10.Security Light If your vehicle is equipped with a modern anti-theft system, then this image could mean that something is malfunctioning. Get this checked at the earliest as your car’s security could be at risk. 11.Washer Fluid Indicator This sign means that you’re low on washer fluid. Fill up the reservoir with washer fluid as soon as you can. 12.Automatic Shift Lock or Engine Start Indicator If you see this sign, you’re most likely trying to start your engine or shift gears without engaging the brake. The automatic shift lock locks your vehicle in neutral or parks until you engage the brake. 13.Airbag Indicator The airbag indicator sign means that something is wrong with one of the airbags or the entire system. Your car’s airbags have an important purpose – they keep you safe during accidents. Therefore, it’s important to address this issue at the earliest. 14.Fog Lamp Indicator This symbol means that your fog lights are turned on. Fog lights should only be used if you can’t see the road, and your visibility is less than 100 meters. Turning them on unnecessarily could be detrimental to other drivers on the road. When you’re buying a used car in El Paso, TX, be sure to check that all the dashboard lights are working properly as most of these warning lights are important and shouldn’t be ignored.      

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Why Is It Cheaper to Get Insurance for Used Cars, Than New Ones?

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Why Is It Cheaper to Get Insurance for Used Cars, Than New Ones? There is a lot of confusion when it comes to getting insurance for new and used cars. If you believe that insuring an old car will cost you less than insuring a new car, then you’re not alone, but the question here is why? The latest vehicles with safety features like automatic braking and back-up cameras do a better job of preventing accidents. Therefore, it usually costs more to replace and repair a car with the latest technology. If your car was assembled overseas and parts will have to be shipped to you, then it could also drive up the insurance cost. Below are some common insurance questions people ask while shopping cars at Alameda car lots. Does Insuring A Latest, Safer Vehicle Cost Less Than Insuring Old Cars That Lack Additional Safety Features? There are several variables that evaluate a driver’s insurance rates, and its almost impossible to pinpoint one particular factor. Primarily, a person’s driving history has a serious impact on their insurance rates. The vehicle they drive might not impact their rate as much as you may think. What Other Factors Have an Impact on The Driver’s Car Insurance Rates? Most auto insurance companies take into account the person’s driving history, vehicle usage and claim history. They might also consider the person’s marital status, age and gender (although most states don’t allow insurance firms to use such factors). Mostly younger drivers have more expensive insurance rates because statistically, they’re more likely to go for a claim. Out of Curiosity, Who Usually Has the Lowest Rates? It’s usually the middle-aged married people without any children of driving age who have the minimum auto insurance rates.   What Could Drivers Do to Keep Their Rates Lower? They could drive safely, which includes no distracted driving, obeying traffic laws, speed limits and also selecting higher deductibles. When you are shopping for used cars in Alameda, don’t settle for the cheapest coverage because it probably excludes essential coverages you may need down the line. An advice Bundling your car insurance with your renters or homeowners could help you get discounts along with lowering your insurance premiums. The Verdict Buying a used car from El Paso car center will certainly get you a lower insurance rate than buying a new car, but your driving habits could also affect your insurance rates. Therefore, by practicing safe driving habits, you will keep yourself and other drivers on the road safe while saving money.

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Why Are Korean Cars More Popular in the USA?

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Why Are Korean Cars More Popular in the USA? Korean car brands are primarily popular because of two reasons. They have succeeded in understanding the demographics and the automotive needs of the average American car buyer, and along with that, they have also managed to merge the right mix of performance, content and price. They have learned from their mistakes and responded to their failures. What Did They Learn From Their Failures? Korea first entered the American car market in 1986 with the Hyundai Exel. Realistically speaking the car had a 1970’s design, but it was cheap. This got it noticed and made huge sales, primarily at the under-served lower end of the market. Regrettably, Hyundai’s quality was not adequate, and the cars soon got a reputation for being troublesome. How Did They Respond To Their Failures? This could have ruined the market for Korean cars in the USA only if it had not been for Hyundai’s response. They reacted by putting a serious effort and spending a lot of money into increasing the quality of their various car parts and by offering an excellent warranty on their cars. This combined effort successfully turned their marketing failure into a huge success. But they didn’t let this go their head; this was again a learning experience for them. Every model they built went up on the quality ladder until today when most Korean cars are rated as having enhanced quality compared to Japanese models. How Did They Understand The American Needs? The next thing what Korean car firms did, is they understood how Americans handled their vehicles; they summed it up with the notion that Americans drive BMW’s as if they were Buicks! Koreans knew that Americans prefer upholstery, soft suspension and lots of calipers, and this is exactly what they delivered in their models. They designed cars that didn’t have quite the handling of their European or Japanese competitors, but they loaded them with a ton of features. They didn’t stop there, they kept on throwing newer models with massive features and superior quality, and again, they were hugely less expensive than their competitors. Hyundai’s flagship model sold under the label of Genesis is now a stand-alone brand. The last thing which Korean cars lacked in comparison to their competitors was the design, but this problem didn’t last for long as both Hyundai and Kia hired some of the most talented stylists who were able to pen down some of the most attractive designs that become a hit like the Hyundai Elantra. This was the final piece of the puzzle, and since then, Hyundai and Kia have produced exceptional models. Thus, the Korean car firms learned from their mistakes, responded to them, analyzed the market, constantly improved their cars, and then eventually designed really good cars that are appropriate for the American market. The secret of their success is simple – their cars are more stylish when features and content is considered while their price is significantly less to their traditional competitors. If you are looking for used Korean cars in El Paso, TX, then head down to Balmir Motors as we have some of the most promising models like Elantra and Sonata that will surely satisfy your car needs, or you could contact our Alameda car dealers in El Paso, TX, to get the current price on some of their models.

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How to Check The Safety of Your Tire Pressure

How To Instructional
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How to Check The Safety of Your Tire Pressure Tires that are underinflated might cause an accident which could be fatal. Need more reasons for appropriate tire inflation? Having underinflated tires could also reduce the life of tires by an entire year, and that’s not all. According to the department of transportation, it estimates that around 5 million gallons of gas a day is wasted due to low tire pressure. Therefore, inflating your tires and checking for its pressure is important as it could save your life and your money. Relying on the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) isn’t helpful as it’ll only notify you when the pressure is 25% below the manufacturer’s recommendation.   So, were going to guide you how you can check the pressure of your tires yourself. Step 1 Buy a digital tire gauge and safely put it in the glove box of your car. Note the pressure and later the increased fuel economy in your smartphone’s notebook. Step 2 Find the required pressure. You’ll find this information on a yellow sticker in the doorjamb on the driver’s seat; if you can’t find it, then it is also inside the owner’s manual. Step 3 Always check the pressure when the tires are cold; they tend to heat up when you drive. Check almost half an hour later after driving, or you could check the tire pressure first thing in the morning. Step 4 Now you need to unscrew the valve cap and set it in your pocket so that you don’t lose it. Step 5 Firmly press the tire gauge onto the valve stem. You might feel a slight hiss as you press down on the valve stem and also when you release it, don’t worry as it usually happens. Repeat this for a couple of seconds as that’ll be enough to get an accurate reading, screw back the valve cap once you’re done. Step 6 Notice the tire pressure on the digital gauge, record this reading in the notes where you’ve noted the initial tire pressure reading. Comparing the two reading Now you need to compare both readings (one that you found in the manual or on the doorjamb with the one that you just got on your digital gauge). Let’s say the sticker on the doorjamb might indicate that the recommended level is 32 psi, for pounds per square inch. But upon checking your tire pressure, you find it is 29 psi. You need to inflate your tire pressure up to spec. According to estimation, for every 3 psi below spec, you almost burn 1 percent more fuel while adding 10 percent more tire wear. When buying used cars in trucks in El Paso, be sure to check the condition of the tire along with its pressure. Setting the right pressure in your car’s tire could reduce the chances of an accident while also making your car fuel-efficient.  

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The Truth about Replacing A Good Reliable Car ( Such as the Honda Civic Above)

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Yes, There is a certain comfort when you buy a used quality vehicle from a good brand, such as Honda,Toyota, and lately Nissan. Every brand has its ups and downs, but these three have become known for their superior reliability.  We are surprised by how many people come visit us asking specifically for one of these brands. I can see why, I mean even if you plan on upgrading to a more expensive vehicle in the future, the safety from knowing that what you pay out the door is the final cost is priceless.  Every vehicle at a new car dealership will feel and drive amazing because the vehicle is brand new, but it's those that stand the test of time and use that buyers should be on the look out for.    

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